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More sparkly things than you can poke a stick at...

The following are either things i've made, or things i've bought from other sellers and barely worn. Since I am not getting use out of the pretties, I figure someone else may! The colours are a little more orange than in reality, due to the setting on my digital camera.

Rainbow, Pink, yellow and purple 'meow' necklace and Glitter rainbows, all on rainbow thread! These do up with slipknots, and as such are easily adjustable to fit folk of different sized necks. Designed to hang just on your collar bone, or a little shorter.


ALL BRACELETS ARE $3.00 -or- FIVE FOR $12.00 !

A kissy bracelet (xox), pink bracelet with 'lolita' written on it, Harry Potter Hufflepuff bracelet, L<3ve bracelet, ravenclaw bracelet and a blue/green glitter bracelet with silvery glitter stars.

Watery neon beads with watermelon accent, a cuff with pastel stars, a metallic star cuff and another stylish watermelon bracelet.

A bunnyrabbit, heaps of stars and a babies pacifier bracelet!

See-through rainbow, hello kitty, glitter stars, vampire bracelet, and a pink crayola crayon bracelet!
* REMEMBER - these aren't quite so orange in real life. The crayola bracelet, for example, is a very true baby-pink colour.


Plastic Hello Kitty clutch-bag (more like a purse, really - I can fit my phone, some money, a card, lipgloss etc in it, but it won't hold much) with glittery/psychadelic bow. The nose shows a little bit of wear and tear (some of the yellow has rubbed off) but other than that its perfect, and cute as a button!



The famous and much sought after Coffin shaped hand-bag by DEMONIA. This features soft black leather, a silver chain-link strap for your shoulder, a black leather handle to carry it by hand, and a purple (yes, not pink) velvet stylised cross on the front. The bag is also lined with purple velvet, and features a mirror on the inside (don't all good coffins have mirrors?).

The interior of the bag shows a little sign of wear, but other than that it's pristine!



Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon replica Moon Wand. This plays three different tunes and lights up when you press each of the three star buttons. The original packaging is missing. Perfect for a cosplayer, or just a fan! $12


This headband is made of pink glittery plastic with four Hello Kitty heads, two on each side. Super cute, super fruitsy!

Once again, the pictures are a little orange. The headband is a lovely bright pink. Yours for $5


here we have a:
PUCCA PHONECOVER : (please note, this HAS been used before, and as such the price has been reduced. Also comes with a set of metallic silver buttons. Made to fit a NOKIA 3210). $4

FOREVER FRIENDS NOTEBOOK : Brand new, never used. $5

HAPPY PARTY MINI-LETTERS : cute, new, unopened. Mini stationary! $4

HAPPY BUNNY PATCHES : brand new, never used. $4 a piece.

MAGICAL REMI POSTCARD (laminated finish) - $3.00

LOONEY TUNES bugs buddy spiral bound notebook (a5, ish) - this has two tiny purple stains on it (not sure what from - you can see them in the photo.) they are barely noticeable. $5.50


Kit comes with writing paper, envelopes, stickers and a wallet to pop them all in! Brand new, still sealed! $8.00 !

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