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ANIME! Evangelion Asuka/Rei shirt!

UNISEX black asuka/rei evangelion tshirt. Sized 'M' - will pretty much fit anyone. Super awesome for any Eva fan!

price: $10.00 USD

Chinese style silk shirt (red and black)

Beautiful silk shirt (chinese style) bought new for $90 AUD. Small (barely noticeable) tear just under the right arm which could be easily mended with about five minutes of hand sewing :P Have reduced the price because of this small flaw.

Size: 12/14
Material: Embroidered silk
Price: $23.00 USD!

Pattern on shirt (detail).

Don't miss this one! This shirt is totally hot and looks good dressed up, or down.

Witchy, gothy, wicca-y shirt!

Perfect for that upcoming ren-faire, or just to strut around your local hang out looking dark and mysterious! This beautiful shirt features bell-sleeves (crushed velvet) and a square neckline - very flattering for people of all shapes and sizes!

Size: M (12-16)
Material: Satin, lace and crushed velvet.
Style: Evening-wear.
Price: $12.00 USD!

And last, but certainly not least...

Alright, I know I promised no more pink cute stuff, but this is a MUST for any sissy or LBG! The shirt is incredibly soft with a chequered collar and cherry motif over the right breast. I only wish it fit me! NEVER BEEN WORN!

Size: S/M (10-14)
Material: Cotton blend with linen collar and embroidered motif.
Style: Baby-doll tee.
Price: $10.00 USD!

In the words of porky pig, th-tha-tht-tha-tha-that's all folks! Remember, currency conversions can be found at, and if you're interested in an item, just leave a comment!
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